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Note: Hearing Orders issued prior to 1950 do not have an "R-" prefix and can be accessed only by case number or the information below.

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By default, when no operator (AND or OR) is specified between words, AND is assumed.

Operator Example - Finds documents containing...
Horizontal Fruitland - the word Horizontal and the word Fruitland
Horizontal OR Fruitland - either the word Horizontal or the word Fruitland
Horizontal OR Fruitland AND Drilling - the word Drilling and either Horizontal or Fruitland
"Horizontal Fruitland" - the exact phrase Horizontal Fruitland
Horizontal -Fruitland - the word Horizontal but NOT the word Fruitland. (Single -not query is not allowed)
Fruit* - words beginning with Fruit such as Fruitland and Fruittree
*land - words ending with land such as Fruitland, Wetland
*land* - words containing land such as Fruitlands, Wetlands